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Rattlesnake Annie        ラトルスネイク・アニー  バイオグラフィ



Rattlesnake Annie International Fusion Project

As far back as I can remember, I have always wanted to communicate with other people around the world. I dreamed that we would meet, embrace each other, learn from each other and always be friends. This CD is the birth and harvest of my dream.

The focus of this “International Fusion Project” is to bring awareness to World Peace, Love, and Understanding through the Healing Forces of Music.

This CD is the fusion of my music with my friend’s music from around the world. It includes duets in 10 different languages and traditional instruments from each respective country. I have visited many countries to record with my friends where we also had Live Fusion Concerts.

With love and respect, I thank you all for sharing music.

Peace Now!


1. Where Have All the Flowers Gone, Kunitachi Japan (Japanese/English) 4:24

I respectfully dedicate this recording to Yasuhiro Momota who introduced me to the Shirakaba Choir and has worked tirelessly for the continued success of our Kunitachi Hall of Art concerts.

Front row: left to right Yoshiaki Tokunaga, Masamitsu Oshima, Rattlesnake, Yutaka Hosoi, Yasuhiro Momota
Shirakaba Choir and our Kunitachi Music Team
Front row, left to right: Yoshiaki Tokunaga, Masamitsu, Oshima, Rattlesnake, Yutaka Hosoi, Yasuhiro Momota

Vocal + harmony: Rattlesnake Annie

Vocal: Masamitsu Oshima

Vocal harmony: Tokunaga Yoshiaki

Shirakaba Choir:

Chihiro Ikeda, Ruka Harada, Naohiro Takahashi, Hiroka Koga, Airi Nakazawa, Mei Kobashi, Yuya Ota, Tomohiro Tani, Ken Wako, Yuko Koseki, Reina Tanaka, Ami Nagayasu, Mayu Nozawa, Manami Matsuo, Ayaka Muto, Ryo Nagai, Yuzuka Aihara, Hinano Udagawa, Mao Yamashita, Sachika Kawaai, Mayuko Shigihara, Yuka Tsuji, Hanako Hirata, Moeko Fukuoji

Choir Teachers: Ms. Makiko Sakai, Mr. Koichi Mabuchi

Piano: Yutaka Hosoi

Keyboards: Klaus Loehmer


Studio Kunitachi Gakuen Elementary School, Japan

Studio: Yuta St.

Engineer: Yutaka Hosoi

Rattlesnake and Klaus Loehmer (German engineer) building master recording track, Nashville TN

Yutaka Hosoi recording Japanese vocals, Tokyo

Masamitsu Oshima


2. La Vie En Rose with Roger Collette, Belgium (French/English) 3:37

Vocal: Rattlesnake Annie
Vocal: Roger Collette
Guitar: Markus Wienstroer
Accordion: Frank Siegemund
Keyboards: Klaus Loehmer

Studio: Belmont Studio, Marbella Spain
Studio: AM Music Production, Wiehl-Drabenderhöhe, Germany
Engineer: Klaus Loehmer

Roger Collette recording – La Vie En Rose


3. Drumurile Noastre with Andreas Melzer, Romania (Romanian/English) 3:28

Vocal: Rattlesnake Annie
Vocal: Andreas Melzer
Keyboards & Trumpet: Michael Lienerth

Studio: AM Music Production
Wiehl-Drabenderhöhe, Germany
Engineer: Andres Melzer

Andreas Melzer recording – Drumurile Noastre


4. How Can We Live Without Horses with Dan Korada, Czech Republic (Czech/English) 3:53

Vocal: Rattlesnake Annie
Vocal: Dan Korada
Keyboards: Klaus Loehmer

Studio: Largo, Prague Czech Republic
Engineer: Ludek Polivka

Studio: Cornet, Cologne Germany
Engineer: Klaus Loehmer

Dan Korada recording – How Can We Live Without Horses

5. Lili Marleen with Tom Astor, Germany (German/English) 3:36

Tom Astor recording – Lili Marleen
We have been recording together for 22 years

Vocal: Rattlesnake Annie
Vocal: Tom Astor
Guitar: Markus Wienstroer
Accordion: Frank Siegemund
Keyboards: Klaus Loehmer

Studio: AM Music Production
Wiehl-Drabenderhöhe, Germany
Engineer: Klaus Loehmer

Frank Siegemund great German accordion player

6. Wdaret with Ismail Azdoud, Morroco (Arabic/English) 4:17

Vocal: Rattlesnake Annie
Vocal: Ismail Azdoud
Music: Aswan Orchestra

Studio: Onda Cero International, Marbella Spain
Engineer: Klaus Loehmer

Ismail Azdoud recording– Wdaret

7. Stranger On The Shore with Rachel & Caroline Perry (Rattlesnake’s twin Granddaughters) Texas (English) 3:53

Vocal: Rachel Perry
Harmony Vocal: Rattlesnake Annie
Clarinet: Caroline Perry
Ukulele, keyboards and percussion: Jim Hoke

Studio: El Garaje, Nashville Tennessee
Engineer: Brent Truitt

Rachel Perry, Rattlesnake, Jim Hoke, Caroline Perry

8. Down By The River Side with the American School in Japan Choirs 2007-08 (English) 4:08

Vocal: Rattlesnake Annie
Harmony vocals with Rattlesnake Klaus Loehmer & Andreas Melzer

Vocals: American School in Japan (ASIJ) concert choir and vocal jazz ensemble 2007-08
ASIJ solo singers: Elisabeth Evans & Brandt Miller
ASIJ jazz choir singers: Yu Anami, Tomoko Aratake, Rebecca Bradford, Marika Dandoy, Elisabeth Evans, Eri Ito, Emi MacLeod, Brandten Miller, Richard Miller, Erik Mortensen, Hiroya Ozaki, Dallin Shaner, Alicia Shumway, Naomi Sundberg, Haruka Togashi, Ryo Takahashi, Daniel Uebelein, Michael Deck

Piano: Yutaka Hosoi
Drums & Keyboards: Klaus Loehmer

Studio: ASIJ Tokyo, Japan
Studio: Yuta St. Tokyo, Japan
Engineer: Yutaka Hosoi

American School in Japan, recording– Down by
the Riverside.
Front row: left to right: ASIJ choir members
Tomoko Aratake, Eri Ito, Dallin Shaner, Erik
Mortensen.  Back row: Yutaka Hosoi

Brent Huber, ASIJ choir director, arranger,
composer, musician, an extraordinarily talented
music man!

9. Bailerina with Lenin Zurita, Mexico (Spanish) 4:21

Lenin Zurita rehearsing to record– Bailerina
He is a great singer, song writer, guitar player and performing artist.

Lenin was born and raised in Villa Hermosa Mexico and attended University in Chiapas.  His Jamaican mother taught him to sing, took him for guitar lessons and encouraged him to become a musician.  His Mexican father is a merchant.

Vocal: Rattlesnake Annie
Vocal & Guitar: Lenin Zurita
Guitar: Markus Wienstroer
Keyboards & Percussion: Klaus Loehmer

Studio: La Chicharra, Parque Xcaret -Puerto Juárez Solidaridad, Mexico
Engineer: Engineer: Fernando Herrera Ruiz

Markus Wienstroer my favorite German guitar
player and the most versatile guitar player that
I have ever worked with! He played the beautiful
solos on Bailerina, La Vie En Rose, and other
songs on this project.

10. Cao Yuan Qing Ge with Ting Ting, China (Chinese/English) 4:01

Vocal: Rattlesnake Annie
Vocal & Pipa: Ting Ting
Flute: Liu Yi
Keyboards: Yutaka Hosoi

Studio: I.M.I.Lights Moriyama, Nagoya City Japan
Engineer: Yutaka Hosoi

Ting Ting, famous Chinese Pipa player & husband
Liu Yi, rehearsing to record–Cao Yuan Qing Ge

11. Krishna with Lenin Zurita, Mexico (Spanish) 4:11

Vocal: Rattlesnake Annie
Vocal & Guitar: Lenin Zurita
Keyboards: Yutaka Hosoi

Studio: La Chicharra, Parque Xcaret -Puerto Juárez Solidaridad, Mexico
Engineer: Engineer: Fernando Herrera Ruiz, original recording

Studio: Yuta St, Tokyo Japan
Engineer: Yutaka Hosoi, overdub

Studio: Hansahaus, Bonn Germany
Engineer: Klaus Loehmer, Rattlesnake vocals and mixing

Lenin Zurita recording– Krishna

12. Hava Nagila with Jonathan Yudkin Klezmer Band, New York USA (Hebrew) 4:06

Vocal: Rattlesnake Annie
Harmony vocals: Klaus Loehmer
Violin & Banjo: Jonathan Yudkin
Accordion: Joey Miskulin
Clarinet: Jim Hoke
Piano: Leonard Wolf
Bass: John Vogt
Drums: Wayne Killius

Studio: Leonard Wolf’s Studio, Nashville, TN
Engineer: Bart Morris

Thank you to Yvette Pollack for introducing me to Klezmer Music, NYC

Rattlesnake session notes:

Thanks to Jonathan a great musician and producer, this is the most genius ensemble I have ever had the honor to record with!

I’ll never forget the power of the 3 of them, Jonathan, Joey and Jim, together in front of 2 microphones, recording the song in one take and the perfect driving rhythm of bass and drums.

What an exciting and special experience!

Joey and Jim Hoke

Jonathan Yudkin rehearing Hebrew lyrics–Hava Nagila

Rehearsing with Joey Miskulin

Hug for a beautiful, successful session!

13. Shaantih with Yograj, Goa India (Sanskrit/English) 4:52

Vocal: Rattlesnake Annie
Yograj: Sitar
Sanskrit prayer & chanting: Rattlesnake Annie & Ramanand Jossi (Brahmin Priest)
Singer: Sadashiv Aiholi
Percussion: Klaus Loehmer

Studio: Shyamsundar Panajim Goa, India
Engineer: Paresh Khutwalkeretha

Studio: Angel AV, Panjim Goa, India
Engineer: Orlando Fernandez

Thank you, Geeta Mehta for introducing me to India and to Prof M S Swaminathan of MSSRF for receiving me in India.

Ramanand Jossi (Brahmin Priest) chanting
Sanskrit prayer

Shaanthi is the Sanskrit word for Peace.

In India instruments have sacred power and no one wears their shoes in the same room with musical instruments

Yograj and Rattlesnake rehearsing to record–Shaantih

Singer: Sadashiv Aiholi, the vocal you hear with
no words.

Studio: AM Music Production, Wiehl-Drabenderhöhe, Germany
Rattlesnake vocals, overdubs, mixing, mastering
All tracks except # 11

Mixing Engineer: Klaus Loehmer

Mastering Engineers: Klaus Loehmer and Andreas Melzer

CD book photos: Ivan Cali Podolsky, Slovak Republic

Graphic-design: Irmgard Muhr, Cologne/Germany

Thank you Virginia Team “Old Eagle Eye” for guiding me to a higher vision.

Produced by Rattlesnake Annie and Klaus Loehmer
© Rattlesnake Records 2009

This CD is respectfully dedicated to Klaus Loehmer
I honor you Klaus for your musical genius and
for your kind and open heart.

Occasionally in one’s life time someone comes along who changes your life forever.  Klaus is the one who helped me realize my connection to world music and he shined the light on the pathway for me to go there.

Klaus breathes life into every sound in the recording studio, he is a master engineer.  We have been working together for more than 20 years.

Thank you Klausibaby, I love you…..Rattlesnake

Andreas Melzer - Studio: AM Music Production
Wiehl-Drabenderhöhe, Germany 2008

Studio: Hansahaus- Bonn, Germany 2004

Celebrating the completion of “International
Fusion Project”- at my home in Spain
Klaus & Rattlesnake – Cornet Studios, famous for
recording Jazz and Big Band music. Cologne,
Germany 1987

We recorded several projects in the 1990s but
unfortunately It was before my digital camera and
the film and photos are buried away somewhere
deep in our archives.

2001 we had the last recording session before
Cornet closed it’s doors after 32 years – Klaus
produced many great projects there from 1976.

Cornet Studios- Aachener Straße- Köln, Germany


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