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Rattlesnake Annie        ラトルスネイク・アニー  バイオグラフィ



Thank you to all my wonderful family and friends who did so much to help me with this International Fusion Project.

My beautiful Lesa and Lisa, the mothers of my grandchildren. I admire them as loving, intelligent, strong and hard working women.

Lesa Perry lives in Texas and designs and
maintains our web site.

Lisa Perry, lives in Tennessee, manages CD sales and my personal

Max painting at home in Spain

Max McGowan, my husband, my true love, my life, my song
We have been together for 40 years.

Donna, my beautiful soul sister and road manager across
Europe, Japan, North Africa & USA

another truck stop on I40 USA

Reverend Claudia Genung-Yamamoto,
spiritual guide and a powerful leader.
I love the Rev, she is open, wise, inspiring,
a tireless worker for peace and human rights.

Junko Kato, my dear Japanese friend, advisor
and fellow traveler.  We love to laugh, share
ideas and eat soba together!

Yoko Ikegami from Yokohama,
language school owner and teacher.
She has been by my side for many
years, translating on stage, helping
me to communicate and better
understand the Japanese language.

Irmgard Muhr, German graphic designer for this CD
I love the world peace tree she designed for the cover

Freddy Powers, master musician, my teacher, my hero!
I love you Freddy and thank you.


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