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Rattlesnake Annie        ラトルスネイク・アニー  バイオグラフィ



Caroline & Rachel come from a long line of good musicians.

Caroline & Rachel Perry our twin granddaughters were born
August 30, 1992 in Dallas, Texas.  Rachel is a singer, songwriter
and piano player.  Caroline plays clarinet, piano and sings.

Their father, Al Perry, Rattlesnake’s youngest son
playing accordion and trumpet


Dorris Gallimore Rattlesnake’s father, playing
fiddle, also a singer, guitar player and farmer

Front row, left to right:  Suzanna (their little sister)
Caroline, Rachel.  Back row left to right: 
(their Mother) Rattlesnake, Cindy Gallimore,
Rattlesnake’s Mother


Lynn Perry – Rattlesnake’s oldest son
banjo, drums & entrepreneur

Byron Gallimore & Rattlesnake – our fathers are twins.
Byron is a master player, singer, songwriter and Nashville
producer of Tim McGraw, Faith Hill and many famous artist.

The story behind the recording session:

In 2005, I decided that I wanted to share with Caroline and Rachel some of the joys of my music career,
recording, working with professional musicians, and an overview of the music business.
This was the beginning of “Grandma Snake’s Music Seminars” for our granddaughters.
The first song I choose for them to record was one of my all time favorites, "Stranger on the Shore". Here is a brief history of the song.
In 1961, Aker Bilk (Britain’s most famous clarinet player) wrote and recorded a song named for his daughter, Jenny. The song languished in obscurity until it was selected as the theme song for a BBC children's program, "Jenny" was re-titled "Stranger on the Shore,"
In 1961, it became the first-ever recording to be number One simultaneously in the UK and USA.

Another reason I choose "Stranger on the Shore" for recording was to teach them how to learn a new song that they had never heard before and how to learn the song and prepare for the recording session:

Caroline and Rachel were completely prepared when they arrive in Nashville and were truly professional in the recording studio.

This is the song I wrote and recorded when Caroline and Rachel were born.


Introducing Caroline and Rachel to my special friends in Nashville:

Virginia Team, friends forever!

John Lomax III, my dear friend for more than 30 years
From the Rolling Stone to Nashville, VT became the first major label art director in Nashville and forever changed the look of country music album covers.
Often referred to as the Gertrude Stein of Nashville she paved the way for all women artists to claim their voices.

“Quality is everything for her. She will not settle for less.
She is the sweetest woman you’re ever gonna meet that can kick your ass.” said Garth Brooks, country music superstar.

We all love you VT!....Rattlesnake
  John is one of the Nashville music business most distinguish and creative forces, a fiercely, independent survivor!

His grandfather John Lomax, a Harvard-trained expert on American folk music contributed the most important documentation of American folk traditions in the history of the Library of Congress. He discovered Leadbelly in a Texas prison singing "Goodnight Irene", secured his pardon and introduced Leadbelly to American audiences of the 1930s and 1940s

Following in his grandfather's footsteps, John is a internationally published music journalist and the prime force in bringing Townes Van Zandt, Steve Earle and many other great artists to public notice.

Carol Anderson longtime friend, she and her
late sister Mary Beth sang on many
Rattlesnake recordings beginning in the
late 70’s. Carol is one of Nashville’s most
respected vocalists and now enjoys an
illustrious career as a motivational speaker.

Patsy and Harold Bradley have been a great inspiration to me.  They were
always helpful and kind.  What I most admire and love about them is how they
always treated everyone the same, from the new picker in town to the biggest
star.  The Bradley family is the cornerstone of the Nashville music business.


Grand Ole Opry, backstage with the inspiring
singer Connie Smith

Country Music Hall of Fame members Bill Monroe and Patsy
Montana (plaques on wall behind us) both recorded duets with
Rattlesnake and were her long time friends.

Suzanna in pink

Caroline recording her clarinet in Nashville

Rachel recording her vocal in Nashville

Brent Truitt, engineer, studio owner, musician
Rattlesnake’s favorite Nashville engineer.

I dedicate this recording of “Stranger on the Shore” to my beautiful mother Cindy Gallimore.
Mom has been with me for recording sessions and concerts in Europe, North Africa, Mexico and USA.
She is the one who made it possible for me to sing professionally from a very young age.
She showed me the way out of the cotton and tobacco fields paving the way for me to live my life by doing what I truly love.
Mom, you are my soul and my heart's inspiration, I love you!

All the girls with Mom in Nashville for the
“Stranger on the Shore” recording session

With Mom at home in Tennessee

Musician friends from Chiapas playing on Isla Mujeres, Mexico
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