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Words & Music: Rattlesnake Annie

Letter To Olga

Olga I知 writing this letter
To tell you that I知 feeling better
Tonight in my dreams, I値l get my wings
And Olga, I値l fly home to you

These cold prison walls have found me
And loneliness surrounds me
No price is too high for a believer
I値l stand by my truth forever

I知 a poet of life, a dreamer
A man of fantasy
This cup I must drink is bitter
What is my destiny

I still can稚 say I知 sorry
For I致e done nothing wrong
Thank you for saying you love me
Why did it take you so long

Someday when these chains are all broken
And every word is freely spoken
We値l walk hand in hand like we used to
And Olga, I値l tell you I love you

Publisher: ゥ 1989 Ann McGowan Music Inc. BMI (International Copyright Secured)




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