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Word & Music by: Rattlesnake Annie
Carl Vipperman

Carolina Blue

You took to roaming found some sweet stuff ‘cross the track
You’ve taken all your pleasures now there ain’t no turning back
Nothing in this world can satisfy you 
Carolina blue, Carolina blue

She’s country and she’s city
She’s bitter and she’s sweet
Looking for the sunshine on the dark side of the street
She walks into a night club everybody there know her name
She ain’t scared of nothing except heartache and pain

You sit around and worry about breaking all the rules
Then you go out whiskey drinking just looking for a way to lose
Searching by that neon light now what you gonna do 
Carolina blue, Carolina blue

Publisher: © 1982 Ann McGowan Music Inc. BMI (International Copyright Secured)
Publisher: © 1982 Petenera Music Inc. ASCAP (International copyright secured) 




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